IQDEMY holding showcases new UV printing technology – Quantum Dot Ink at various events in 2017!

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Quantum Dots (QD) are nanoparticles of semiconductors 2-10 nm in size, with luminescent properties, i.e. absorbing light in UV spectrum and emitting it in visible region.
Quantum Dots can be applied in various areas, i.e.:
Security printing inks for marking and encoding of securities, money, brand products, jewelry, pieces of art, etc.
You can mark any product as the medium is either water or UV-based.
Oil exploration. Production of oil additives (tracers) to find an optimal location for oil and gas field development.
Confronting terrorism. Production of identification sensors for radioactive ions, explosives and biological poisons.
Biomedical technologies. Production of non-destructive anatomical control systems, diagnosis of cancers, severe virus.
Electronic devices
I. Production of crystals for TV, mobile phones LED displays.
II. Production of transistors for computer systems.
III. Production of components for semiconductor lasers.
QLED displays decrease energy consumption on 25-30% in comparison with LED screens, colors look a lot brighter, and it becomes possible to create flexible screens.
Solar energy. Production of printing compounds to increase solar batteries efficiency in consumer and aerospace industries.
Agro-industry. Production of light-converting coatings to increase plants ripening in greenhouses speed.
Quantum Technology project is one of the most recent scientific IQDEMY R&D projects.
In our IQDEMY Chemicals Laboratory ( we synthesize quantum dots and produce printing ink.

IQDEMY Quantum Dot Ink project is made for medicine, pharmacology, power engineering, geological exploration, consumer electronics and defense industries.
Quantum ink are UV resistant which makes it possible to coat on almost any surface: glass, stone, metal, film, plastic, etc. UV Quantum dot printing is not visible under sunlight, the colors will not change and become less saturated. The print is very stable, it can not be removed.
Tech Jet is the newest single-pass UV printer from IQDEMY. It has been developed exactly for printing with inks containing quantum dots.
IQDEMY is exhibiting in different parts of the world letting people know about our R&D projects. In September we have visited several events:
DrinkTec exhibition in Munich, Germany
IQDEMY R&D department visited DrinkTec exhibition held 11-15 September 2017 in Munich. 1700 participants from more than 20 industries: full production cycle of drinks, food and other industries, control and automatization systems, label industry, package, etc. IQDEMY demonstrated printing on aluminum and printing on labels with quantum dots, this technology helps to protect products from falsification. We had a chance to talk to a lot of potential customers and establish good connections that are important to develop our R&D projects.
IMI Europe 2017 Conference
All the brand-new information about inkjet printing was on 18-21 September 2017 at IMI Europe conference in Barcelona. Our speaker Business Development Director Konstantin Kruk has just shocked the audience of printers with our developments in bioprinting and quantum dots.
LabelExpo in Brussels
25 - 28 September LabelExpo Europe 2017 exhibition was held in Brussels where IQDEMY managers and specialists of holding daughter company DPS Innovations showcased R&D projects. LabelExpo – Europe is the largest event around the world dedicated to label and package printing industries. Showcasing the latest label and packaging solutions, new innovations was presented with over 650 exhibitors. Label equipment, labeling products and accessories, packaging printing machineries and tools, parts and components, package printing technologies and solutions were there. R&D managers represented the newest IQDEMY solution – label printing with quantum dots. This technology is a perfect solution for security market to protect from falsification. UV-curing ink quantum dots Qinks can be applied on any material: glass, plastic, stone, metal and film.
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