Sad news about Dr. Jules Farkas

It is with deep sadness that we announce passing away of our dear friend, partner and independent member of the board of directors – Dr. Jules Farkas. Dr. Farkas was killed in a tragic car accident, when he was returning back home from a business trip. He received severe head injuries from which he could not recover. We will greatly miss his cheerful attitude and unlimited energy with which he approached everything that he came across on his path of life. 
Dr. Jules P. Farkas had a Ph.D. from the University of Aston in Birmingham, UK, faculty of Mechanical and Production Technology.
He was an author of many articles about integrated manufacturing systems, he was also an inventor of UV Flexographic Technology in cooperation with the Clemson University in North Carolina USA and University Stuttgart, Germany, at the Faculty of Media and Printing Technology, an organizer of international Seminars for Labels and Packaging in USA, Europe and China in cooperation with Dowell Swiss Company, and an Initiator of digital printing in the label industry on a global basis.
He was the founder of such companies as Gallus USA, UVMan technology, GRE Hong Kong, OWN-X, RTI and Vigitek.

Earlier, Jules Farkas partnered with IQDEMY Company in developing single-pass equipment - VigiJet. This is a complete solution for the labeling industry, following the customized module TechJet, capable of operating as a stand-alone unit or integrated into the conveyor of any production cycle. The project involves a printer, control electronics, special printing software, additional technologies such as IQDEMY Quantum Technology for anti-counterfeit protection of any products by printing with quantum dot inks.
It is a sad fact that we will no longer have Dr. Farkas with us, but our company will remain committed to the VigiJet project and we would like to complete it in his honor. Dr. Farkas had tremendous belief in this project and we are not going to let him down and will continue his work and legacy.
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