Brighter than ever: new IQDEMY glow inks!

At the past exhibitions the IQDEMY Holding presented technology, which sent shockwaves literally among professionals of the industry – digital printing with UV glow inks. Bright neon colors, visible under any light - unbelievable new solution for the advertising industry. IQDEMY chemists developed the unique composition with special pigments for creative results of printing on UV equipment.


Why does this decision stand out against the background of others? At the moment, colorants for "neon" printing are issued in two forms:

Fluorescent colorants-based lacquers - such formulations have weak color saturation and its color is lost when printing thin lines or small elements

Synthetic pigments-based inks. They are created by shredding of polymers, which are painted with fluorescent colorants. Polymer milling to submicron level is almost impossible, that’s why they are not suitable for digital InkJet and other precision types of printing.

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IQDEMY Chemicals Laboratory created the technology of mixing fluorescent colorants and base CMYK system pigments, this provides to get really high-quality, strong and bright color tones, “neon” colors and new opportunities for printing industry. Due to the created technology IQDEMY do not limit with two or three colors and can vary different tones. And also use this technology for printing of any kind of precision printing. IQDEMY Chemicals laboratory can integrate this technology into any printing formulation. Suitable for digital InkJet and other precision printing, including security.

IQDEMY already can offer the line of 8 colors:


R&D of the IQDEMY Holding:

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