IQDEMY Chemicals laboratory is continuously working on the development of new products for printing industry. Our chemists are testing different compositions to present effective solutions for your industry. And now we are ready to show you a new product – silver based conductive ink.
Conductive compositions are widely used on electronics market and silver based conductive ink is breakthrough for professionals.

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IQDEMY inks are produced basing on silver nanoparticles (up to 100 nm) dispersed in an organic solvent. Thanks to such small size, inks are able to slip through the nozzles of printhead and inkjet equipment can print thin lines and details. This opportunity is important feature for microelectronics production.

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Silver based IQDEMY conductive ink for inkjet printing has some key features:
  • Ink is not just containing silver – its concentration up to 60% of composition;
  • Curing on material up to 250 С°;
  • Printed images are flexible;
  • High adhesion to polyimide films.
Silver is the most electrically conductive metal which means that electrically conductive elements of the printed elements satisfy all claimed requirements and prints with ink based on other conductive structures do not correspond.
IQDEMY inks are suitable for macro- and microelectronics printing!

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There are a lot of industries for silver ink application:
  • elements of solar batteries;
  • consumer electronics, portable chargers and other photovoltaic systems;
  • flexible displays (flexible segmented displays, built in cards, price labels, flexible color displays);
  • LEDs, lighting with organic LEDs (flexible lighting);
  • electronics and components (printed batteries, active and passive elements of electrical circuit);
  • integrated "smart" systems (gadgets with built-in sensors, RFID tags, printed sensors and indicator strips)
  • and many others...

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Our R&D department can offer you individual solution to integrate project in your production line.
If you are interested in such project, our professional managers can answer you any questions: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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