Print DNA with all Bill Gates money!

Have you ever thought about extending youthspan? Do you ever want to get the anti-ageing gene and to stay forever young?

Founder of Microsoft has already thought about it for you. Bill Gates again topped the rating of the most generous businessman of the planet. In 2017 he donated $ 4,8 billion for charity. All of the money went to medical research.

The trick is that the results of it will become the property of his 21 years old daughter Jennifer Katharine Gates. She’s called the example of charm and modesty, but in the nearest future exactly she will decide who will live and who will die.


Longevity becomes the most wanted commodity for global elite. The recent research by the USA Ministry of Health showed that 1% of the richest men in the country live for 14,6 years longer than 1% of the poorest. And this difference will only grow in further.

The search for immortality gene is a craze among technocrats. In 2013 the founders of Google, at the time the world’s most expensive company, Sergey Brin and Larry Page invested $1 billion in project named Calico. Its full name is “California Life company”. At the time of it’s opening famous American biologist David Botstein, who leaded the company, promised to extend the human life to 150 years. But, Calico hasn’t been heard from since. Research lab is hidden in an underground bunker somewhere on the outskirts of the San-Francisco, its activity is classified, and results are not announced. However, for this moment there are several companies known which have the rights to use a patent for printing genome, RNA, DNA, etc.

First patent on deoxyribonucleic acid was received in 1980: Stanford University claimed the rights to use the recombinant DNA creation technology, developed in Stanley Coher and Herbert Boyer laboratories. This technology allows to amend genomes of living organisms.

Nowadays the rights to print genomes of DNA reserved only to several companies. But the all-seeing eye of controlling organizations makes the purchases of such patents almost impossible for science and medical developments. Complex procedure of getting permits, extensive control, high cost of the whole sequence of steps – all of this stops the development of science-intensive projects in countries, unwilling to make public its technologies, inventions and knowledge as well.

dna 01

Most companies, who own the patent law, provide the services of genome synthesis in limited quantities, but there are only several companies, which can synthesize the “pool” of oligonucleotides (a large number of different sequences with a very small absolute number of individual sequences) for further assembly of genetic structures. The “pool” of nucleotides is owned by such companies as, ,, etc.

The possibility of genome synthesis in needed sequence and needed quantity allows to lower the cost of one step of synthesis several times. The existence of method with multiple opportunities of genome generation will significantly reduce the cost and accessibility of synthetic oligonucleotides for a variety of applications, including CRISP. To date, most optimal and progressive way is extrusion method of nucleotides synthesis. We are ready to move ahead and to apply the technology of digital inkjet printing in this field. Eventually, it’s lot faster, cheaper, more varied and technological then existing methods. Furthermore, it will help for breakthroughs in research, development in vital important drugs for humanity and methods of therapy of genetic diseases.

So, we announce the beginning of our new fantastic RND project in the field of inkjet bioprinting – the DNA genome printing!

dna 04

In cooperation with leading world science organizations and institutes of worldwide famous SB RAS in Russian Akademgorodok we are starting the work for modernization and customization of the digital inkjet printing technology for DNA genome synthesis. More about our project and stages of development you can read in next issues or ask our managers!
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