The choice of IQDEMY decisions. Quantum dots and polymers

A new season of original solutions in IQDEMY!
We continue to put before ourselves the innovation challenges and are trying to solve them first in the quantum dots market!

One of the technologies, in which we already have reached good results is creation of powder inks with quantum dots for laser printing. We have fulfilled the condition for creation of homogeneous powder polymer with particles no more than 5 Microns for laser printing.

perovskite film 1

Main steps.
First step that we have succeeded in realization is the integration of perovskite quantum dots into polymer composition. It was very important to received a good steady glow of quantum dots and we have reached it.

perovskite film 2
Than, next step was to put perovskite quantum dots into thin polymer film. And it also turned out to be within our reach. Based on received results we can safely say that we developed technology of perovskite quantum dots introduction into polymers!

perovskite film 3

But why perovskite? Because they have the maximum brightness and the color purity in comparison with other quantum dots types.

A major achievement of this technology is that perovskite quantum dots use requires special technology to eliminate their specific properties for the operation. The intolerance of interaction with water or oxygen in any form reduces the glowing properties several times. Thanks to advances of our scientists and developed by IQDEMY technology perovskite quantum dots retain the maximum possible parameters of luminescence and color purity in polymers and films that we have created.

Will it be useful and where will find the application this technology?
The security printing market every year is looking for most advantages and effective ways to protect important documents at the stage of manufacture and implementation. We assume this technology use for laser printing on documents requiring additional protection – passports, ID, Bank cards.Next step in development and further exploitation is to create a powder ink with perovskite quantum dots based on developed technology. High expensive equipment is required to continue work. This project is already launched and ready to attract interested investors.

perovskite film 4

QUANTUM TECHNOLOGY – Investment project of IQDEMY Company, within the framework of which, production areas based on quantum technologies will be created for the spheres of medicine, pharmacology, power engineering, geological exploration, consumer electronics and defense industry.
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