Panacea for Display world. Even thinner, even brighter

We have prepared for you several new interesting R&D solutions on quantum dots market, at first they will seem fantastic, but our team already has obtained early qualitative results!

Display market is developing very quickly, the manufacturers increasingly prefer quality, brightness, reduction of thickness, weight and cost of displays. For example, screen evolution in mobile devices was demonstrated ideally by the simple pattern: the proportion of screen area and area of entire frontal panel of device is increasing each year. The buttons were gone first, they were replaced by virtual keyboard. The quality and color reproduction of displays still stay one of the major factors for choosing one or another device. And here the quantum dots market goes on to help.

display 1

We will tell about the technology for 3D display matrix formation with quantum dots.First task in this area was to create the quantum dots display film. And here we were successful: IQDEMY is THE FIRST who introduced quantum dots in display film composition.

display 2

Perovskite quantum dots are considered safe for human and enviroment, but needed very careful treatment and close attention. While others are unable to cope with the perovskite exploitation difficulties – we succeeded and demonstrate the first results on several international exhibitions! At the moment the technology is undergoing experimental testing to identify the parameters of the film in operation.

The next ambitious goal we have set the quantum dots introduction in liquid crystal displays. Such technology will allow to produce displays straight with quantum dots and that will significantly economize time and cost for manufacture. At the moment the technology is developed, research and scientific calculations are conducted. Now, we get expensive liquid crystals used for displays to test the technology.

Final phase in quantum dots displays technology is direct quantum dots printing on the reverse side of the glass spacefilter displays. And already now we have achieved the world best matrix detail (40 microns), comparable in detail degree with the present on the market standard displays. This compares: the best competitors result is interior dozen times to the detail degree. We start the development of printing technology for head (1 picolitres) on the example of the XAAR head – this is the task on the agenda of all displays developers and manufacturers.

display 4

But to continue work the particularly complex and expensive equipment and significant financial costs are required. We are open for investments and interested in project investors, in prospects bringing these technologies to perfection will completely change the world of smartphone and gadget display manufacturers. Increasing the brightness and color purity of displays, while reducing energy costs and significant thinning of screens – a significant stage of evolution for the entire display world. Now we collaborate with leading gadgets, TV, smartphones manufacturers. It shows the genuine ambitions and fantastic prospects for this project.

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