Blue and red for Green. IQDEMY in agro-industry.

We continue to introduce you with non-standard R&D solutions on quantum dots market. For which the groundwork already has some first results.

Innovations have not spared agriculture and help to take new heights in yield. They are one of the factors that form modern face for not only the agriculture area, but for the whole agribusiness. In IQDEMY are sure that quantum dots can make an important difference to develop the entire industry.


For plant photosynthesis a huge role plays the quantity of received light, air and soil temperature, availability of carbon dioxide and water. Not only the quantity of the light is important, but its quality too – the emission spectrum, and also the combination of light and darkening periods. The researches show that the light from the red area of spectrum is helpful in flowering period, and the blue light is needed in time of vegetative growths.

For most plants is required 12-16 hours of illumination per day for normal growth, if the illumination length is 10 or less hours, then the plant's development is decelerated. To provide such long light time the artificial illumination is used in industrial greenhouses and agrocomplects.

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To solve the light and spectrum questions the first tasks direction in IQDEMY is the use of quantim dots in artificial lighting systems. Its application will help to subsequently increase the illumination in needed spectrum areas. For this task the studying (experimental measurement) of spectral characteristics of the standard LEDs used for the artificial illumination of greenhouse plants is being conducted now. The implementation of this task requires additional large costs of acquisition of specialized devices for measurement of light parameters - light analyzers for plants (plant lighting analyzer - PLA).


The second direction is the development of light-converting coatings for greenhouses with quantum dots, which provide an increase in photosynthetic light flux of 20%. Firstly,small-format greenhouse experiments were carried out, for this identical mini-greenhouses were created, one of them with a light-converting coating with quantum dots. Obvious results of increase in productivity due to use of quantum dots in greenhouse coverings are obtained.



Developments in each area are conducted jointly with the leading agroholdings and greenhouse farms in Russia and Europe, which are extremely interested in increasing the yield of their farms. Also, both of this directions are open for investments and long-term partnership.

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