Something that only recently seemed fiction become real – in recent decades 3D-technologies have entered in almost all areas of society. Technologies of creating volume objects are actively used in different areas, from science to medicine. Requirements for 3D-printing equipment are instantly increasing and it is important to provide high accuracy of printing process, possible use of different materials and fast automate processes.

Equipment developed by DPS Innovations within IQDEMY holding – IQJet – is a unique industrial 3D-printer, that combines the precision accuracy of printing and advanced opportunities of electronics and automation. The possibilities of IQDEMY printing technologies allow to make the 3D volume by layer-by-layer inks applying on the surface. And that's not the typical assortment offer, it is a decision that is created for specific customer's request. Because the equipment options can be changed fro different production tasks.

We will shortly tell about the important types of IQJet production:

IQJET 3D PRINTER allows to get the products and prototypes with very high detail and smooth surface that doesn't need the further treatment. Using advanced technologies in the are of INKJET inks and printing it is possible to produce details, ready for use, both individual as well as serial.

This equipment is suitable for creation quick prototypes of 3D-models obtained as a result of R&D researches. It is highly important for printing life-size internal organs and implants and gives the possibility to test its compatibility before the operation, but not on the operating table. The use of different ink types enables to print composite materials and also to produce multicolor prototypes, which will allow the prototyping stage to evaluate the final appearance of the product.

There are examples of the use of such printers for the design and prototyping of watch cases, bracelets, dials for the watch industry. Or for printing panel buttons, instrument scales, dashboard designation, manufacturing prototypes of elements of engines and turbines, parts of various components and assemblies for the aerospace industry.

3D CERAMIC PRINTER — the equipment involves 3D printing with ceramic ink to create functional (ready to use) parts and models, and also for the use in biomedical technologies: print ready implants having different structure. 3D ceramic printer allows you to simulate changes in the structure of the material within a single implant, which will provide it with better biocompatibility and functionality.

IQDEMY holding - is the only ones in the World who develop unique porous ceramics, creating a bone structure suitable for the process of hematopoiesis.

Also, 3D Ceramic Printer will find application in such areas as:

- Dentistry: printed ready-made dentures and implants are not inferior or superior to natural teeth and taking into account the color heterogeneity of the natural color of the teeth.

- The watch industry: printing of finished ceramic products-watch cases, bracelets, dials. The possibility of multi-color printing will produce solid products with areas of different colors and shades. In this case, the product will be monolithic, and not consisting of different segments of different colors.

- Aerospace industry: printing of finished turbine blades, which have a complex shape, nozzle elements of engines and turbines, other highloaded parts that require extreme durability and high-temperature resistance.

- Energy: printing of turbine elements of different power plant types.

- Automobile industry: printing of high-loaded parts that require extreme durability and wear resistance.


This type of equipment is designed to perform high-precision printing for various industrial areas of production, from the automotive industry and aircraft industry to boat-, shipbuilding and household appliances.

IQJet Industrial successfully implements the task of printing finely detailed images that require delicate mathematical printing accuracy - for example, printing dashboards for cars, airplanes, yachts, home appliances and special electronic devices, badges, dials, sections with the utmost detail of the smallest divisions and elements.

Thanks to IQDEMY technologies that allow printing on virtually any material, IQJet Industrial is also suitable for interior and exterior decoration of an airplane, car or yacht - the result will be images of photographic quality, maximum brightness and durability.

Another direction of the use of IQJET Industrial printing technologies is marking of important components and parts in the industry, requiring labeling and protection against counterfeiting, falsification or disclosure of secret information. And the technology of printing inks with quantum dots allows not only to protect the product, but also to realize the inkjet method using the functionality of the backlight, transparency, luminosity and visibility of elements under various lighting conditions.

Already, IQDEMY Holding has formed a 10-year plan for the development of 3D printing and is expanding the production of the above-mentioned printers based on the IQDEMY subsidiary DPS Innovations. In the future, it will be the coverage and expansion of such markets as the printing solar panels market (3D IQJET SOLAR PANELS), the market for printing displays for smartphones, TVs and products that require a high level of definition (3D IQJET DISPLAY) and the market for printing electronic boards using conductive ink IQDEMY (3D IQJET ELECTRONICS).

These and other promising high-tech projects are open to investment and interested investors, shareholders.

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