IQDEMY holding together with a subsidiary of DPS Innovations open up a unique and promising IQJET & ELECTRONICS project for investments and are ready to consider proposals for participation and support of the project from stakeholders and potential partners.

«DPS Innovation Switzerland» company - a subsidiary of IQDEMY Holding, the developer-integrator and manufacturer software & control electronics for printing systems of all kinds, and also the operating electronics for other (unprintable) systems. Developer, producer and patentee of the first-ever UV LED ink- curing system. At the moment, DPS Innovations is a comprehensive developer and manufacturer of customized industrial equipment (inkjet 3D printers). The company has more than 25 patents, know-how and scientific inventions for control electronics and software used in large format printers. The newest breakthrough of the development team is the creation of technology of super-high-precision printing,on the basis of which a line of customized IQJET printers has been developed.

IQJET & ELECTRONICS - DPS Innovations investment project based on the production and customization of precision printing technology and equipment developed as part of IQDEMY Holding. IQJet is a unique industrial 3D printer that combines precision printing accuracy and advanced capabilities of electronics and automation. The IQJET equipment line is designed to produce products that require maximum printing accuracy. The color scheme, the type of ink and print heads, the size of the printed field, as well as elements of additional automation and control systems are implemented based on the individual customer requirements.

The possibilities of IQDEMY printing technologies allow to make the 3D volume by layer-by-layer inks applying on the surface.

The project involves the creation and implementation of printing systems models of the IQJET type for 6 different markets, where the use of ultra-high-precision printing will be extremely necessary:

According to statistics from the international organization of vehicles in 2017, 97,302,534 vehicles were produced in the world. With the same relative print volumes, the number of print modules that are able to print a part of this market exceeds hundreds of thousands: with a minimum print volume of about 5 square meters of printing per 1 car dealership, about 250,000 units of printing equipment are needed per year for the entire market.

The goal of the project is to occupy a niche of precision printing on the world's leading markets for its use. Creation of innovative printing solutions, technologies for their use and use in various fields, using high-precision, 3D and ceramic printing. The main objective of the project is to expand the markets for the use of precision printing and the preparation of customized solutions for each of them.

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