Tomorrow's day of "industrial printing"

Currently, the digital printing market is experiencing active changes on the label, marking and packaging markets, where our innovative VIGIJET project is designed to help with existing troubles.

On the print market technologies such as the latest quantum technologies, tools for security printing, and augmented reality are becoming relevant. Using these developments, there are many opportunities for growth, in particular, the markets of "industrial printing", such as the markets of labels, packaging, marking are very interested in applying all the technologies mentioned above.

Digital printing has proven itself on the label industry due to the simple printing technology, low cost of making small runs of labels and other printing products, personalizing and adjusting the layout for printing the entire run, high print quality, etc. According to the research of 14 of the most common printing technologies, experts at Print Future found that the use of digital printing technologies is growing faster than others (by an average of 28% per year). And according to Smithers Pira, the annual growth of the print market will be 2% by 2020.

The analytical agency Smithers Pira highlights the packaging market as the most dynamic area for change. As a result, the agency predicts rapid growth on the packaging market in the period up to 2020. The report “Future of Global Packaging to 2020» provides forecasts for the annual growth of the packaging market by 3.5%, that will make it possible to reach $ 998 billion in 2015 from $ 839 billion in 2020.

The label market is constantly changing and developing. One of the famous quotes from Benny Lande, who is known as the “father of commercial digital printing”: “Everything that can become digital will become digital – and printing is no exception”. According to statistics for the last 2 years, Russia consumes about 3.2 m2 of labels per capita per year, and Western Europe - 12 m2. In monetary terms, the Russian market for all types of labels is $ 650–700 million, it is about 2% of the world market. It should be noted that digital printing is still the most dynamic sector of the label market.

In addition to printing beautiful and colorful labels and packaging that sells the brand, marking is an important area as well. In this case, digital technologies better meet the needs of the marking market.

Marking distribution is directly related to the need to apply variable data. It includes real-time data such as addresses, names, serial numbers, bar codes, dates of use, information on allergies, warning signs, etc. Besides, digital printing is becoming an important tool for today due to the mass state policy on mandatory marking of consumer goods (this practice is widespread throughout the world).

In 2019 it is necessary to have combination of such indicators as speed, quality and dynamics to improve competitiveness. Customers are looking for digital equipment with almost offset quality and excellent resolution.

It is necessary to carefully research the market and identify customer needs because the print industry tries to apply digital solutions to open up new markets. Using the above characteristics, digital printers should work faster, and print quality should correspond to high resolution of points (600 * 600dpi.), and new ink should meet all the needs of new markets.

In addition, innovations in the field of "industrial printing" open up new opportunities for a production process. "Industrial printing" markets need embedded equipment in a production line that would allow them to easily and quickly change print settings, significantly reducing usual pauses from design to production.

The general trends in the development of digital printing are obvious, and as a result, VIGIJET project meets all these requirements and trends in the development of digital printing on the market.

It is planned to produce and launch on the market 5 types of printing equipment to provide the “industrial printing” market with the necessary range of technologies.

VIGIJET project includes various equipment modules that have the following characteristics:

- Embedded single-pass printing module with a UV ink curing system.

- Equipment for printing labels and tags full-color printing (CMYK) + W (white).

- Equipment for printing labels and tags full-color printing with an extended color scheme. This scheme uses the following options: additional spot color, transitional hues — lights, bright neon inks (CMYK W QD Lc / Lm / Spot / NeonInks). All of these features are necessary to improve the quality and color precision or use ink with Quantum Dots to improve the protective properties of the label and product packaging.

- Equipment for printing labels and tags full-color printing (7 colors) with the possibility of simultaneous use of spot colors and inks with quantum dots (CMYK + W + Lc + Lm + QD).

Moreover, it is necessary to note the following advantages of the VIGIJET project: quantum dots, UV ink curing, high print speed (1.27 m/s for the color scheme), high print resolution - 600 * 600 dpi.

The VIGIJET project can solve any tasks in different fields of “industrial printing”, for instance: pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries, industrial and household chemicals, automotive, electrical, security sector and other industries.

Furthermore, we can highlight the most promising fields of "industrial printing":

- Industry of food and beverage is the first promising field. This industry is characterized by the largest share in the world in terms of consumption of “industrial printing”. Among the segments of this industry, the most active will be those in which the demand for commercial spots and urgent sales are most important: fresh (+ 13% annual growth) and ethnic / exotic products (+ 10% annual growth).

- The second place in terms of print consumption is the industry of medicine and pharmaceuticals: $ 16.2 billion for 2018 (+ 8% annual growth). The health care reform forecast will lead to a recovery in demand for medical equipment (+ 5%) prescription / OTC drugs (+ 4).

- Security industry is the most developed field. There are such problems as forgery and methods of security products in this field. There is a special category of equipment using the technology of security printing with quantum dots (the technology developed in the framework of the project Quantum Technologies of IQDEMY Holding) within the framework of the VIGIJET project. The technology of security printing with the help of QQR-codes, that are practically impossible to secure and develop, is an innovative level of security printing, that will reduce the number of security methods on the security and banknote markets by several times.

In addition, most of the markets that are extremely susceptible to the negative impact of forgery goods, are already showing interest in security printing, for example, such markets as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and alcohol.

Summarizing the information on the field of application of the VIGIJET project, we can conclude that this is an innovative project that is designed to create a customizable solution for any industry in the world.

The VIGIJET project is implemented by DPS Innovations together with QDEMY. QDEMY Holding has a large experience of more than 20 years on the digital printing, control electronics and ink markets. Currently, the holding has 25 patents and know-how, own research digital chemical laboratory, 5 manufacturing facilities (ink, electronic circuit boards, high precision printing, etc.) IQDEMY has already shown itself on the print market as an experienced and reliable partner who is used to solving the most complex and sometimes even fantastic tasks. IQDEMY Holding is always one step ahead of its competitors thanks to all achievements of the company and the ability to professionally look into “tomorrow's day”.

IQDEMY Holding is able to do business. In addition, IQDEMY is primarily interested in the development of partnerships, and offers its customers and partners only innovative and truly unique solutions, which can solve problems of absolutely any complexity, make a profit and have a positive effect on the growth of satisfaction with the product and its results.

IQDEMY Holding has developed a business plan for the VIGIJET project based on the company's strategic development plan until 2025. This business plan clearly shows all aspects of creating and promoting this product on the market. IQDEMY offers a product that will be profitable, in-demand to sell and highly appreciated.

Finally, if you would like to be a part of something truly unique, then you are on the right way. IQDEMY holding has a list of interesting offers both for its customers and for future investors. And if you are one of them, then do not waste time, do not miss the opportunity to contact us and get detailed information on the possibilities of cooperation with IQDEMY Holding!

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- If you would like to become an investor, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more detailed information.

VIGIJET is the product that does not change, but creates new opportunities on the digital printing market.

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