Fun area for geeks and pop culture worldwide THEFANDOME is looking for investors and stakeholders,
partners, and is considering proposals for participation and support for the project.

«…THEFANDOME is the One to rule them all.»*

The FANDOME is social space, able to connect groupies of popular cultural tendencies. This is social network, which has a main goal to merge all representatives of popular cultural movements: from Nintendo fanboys to PlayStations lovers, from inveterate players of collectible board games to SpeedRunners professionals, from admirers of legendary Star Wars trilogy to Mass Effect cosplayers.

Already, there are 200 million fans of popular culture worldwide and large entertainment business around them: wit is found they are in pain by using a Facebook-like crutch networks to display their interests and have fun. FANDOME is a service that finally helps geeks and fans to express themselves through their love for fictional universes and characters. Product provides fans with features and tools for self-expression Facebook, VK, Reddit and other social networks do not have. The project is already developed and its beta testing has been going on since 2016, more than 5500 interested fans are in the community.

There’s a whole digital entertainmen industry formed around geeks and popular culture.
Its turnover is more than $200 billion per year (based on NEWZOO’s 2017 report stats).

The goal of the project is to become a powerful player on the FanTech market and provide fan business with a convenient tools for interaction with its audience. The project is going to attract at least 1 million of fans across the world in 10 months and 10 million in 2 years. FANDOME team is fully prepared to achieve all goals and have detailed strategy how to conquer the world!

Exceptional passion over popular culture – business on a global scale!

*A reference to the inscription on the One Ring from The Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien

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