Print DNA with all Bill Gates money!

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Have you ever thought about extending youthspan? Do you ever want to get the anti-ageing gene and to stay forever young?

Founder of Microsoft has already thought about it for you. Bill Gates again topped the rating of the most generous businessman of the planet. In 2017 he donated $ 4,8 billion for charity. All of the money went to medical research.

The trick is that the results of it will become the property of his 21 years old daughter Jennifer Katharine Gates. She’s called the example of charm and modesty, but in the nearest future exactly she will decide who will live and who will die.



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IQDEMY Chemicals laboratory is continuously working on the development of new products for printing industry. Our chemists are testing different compositions to present effective solutions for your industry. And now we are ready to show you a new product – silver based conductive ink.
Conductive compositions are widely used on electronics market and silver based conductive ink is breakthrough for professionals.

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Brighter than ever: new IQDEMY glow inks!

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At the past exhibitions the IQDEMY Holding presented technology, which sent shockwaves literally among professionals of the industry – digital printing with UV glow inks. Bright neon colors, visible under any light - unbelievable new solution for the advertising industry. IQDEMY chemists developed the unique composition with special pigments for creative results of printing on UV equipment.

Sad news about Dr. Jules Farkas

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It is with deep sadness that we announce passing away of our dear friend, partner and independent member of the board of directors – Dr. Jules Farkas. Dr. Farkas was killed in a tragic car accident, when he was returning back home from a business trip. He received severe head injuries from which he could not recover. We will greatly miss his cheerful attitude and unlimited energy with which he approached everything that he came across on his path of life. 


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Nous continuons à parler des points quantiques et de leur application de divers côtés et à les publier dans différentes sources, parce que nous sommes intéressés! Chaque jour, nous apprenons à leur propos quelque chose de nouveau et ouvrons de nouvelles opportunités dans des domaines où ils peuvent être introduits pour résoudre des problèmes technologiques et pour des découvertes innovantes!

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APPPExpo: Shanghai International Four Exposition de Nouvelles technologies&Équipements 2018 - Exposition internationale de nouveaux outils et solutions de publicité et d'impression. Elle a eu lieu du 28 au 31 mars au National Exhibition & Convention Centre à Shanghai, en Chine. L'événement a attiré plus de 180 000 visiteurs et 2000 exposants de 100 pays. IQDEMY était représenté par une délégation de 8 personnes et un stand d'exposition couvrant tous les domaines de travail de l'entreprise.

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Skin printing. On the air of the channel “Russia1” came out a story about the first bio-printer prototype.

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The first prototype of bioprinter is already created and experiments in live cell membrane printing are carried out in IQDEMY laboratory.

People all over the world are working on creation of the 3D-bioprinting technology. This development is the team work of chemists from IQDEMY (Novosibirsk) and their colleagues from Khabarovsk. Far Eastern companies together with Amur Medical Academy are creating the biological inks based on the living cells. Due to the adding of inks, the chemists expect to overcome the main issue which other developers of such technologies face.