Consumer Electronics & Instrument-Making

Our equipment and special chemical compositions is able to print antennas, sensors, displays, and solar batteries etc. We integrate these elements with; paper, plastic film, fabric, ceramics, metals, and even large physical objects. We have the ability to custom: print, etch, laser cut, solder paste, and assemble on site. Our ability to add electronics directly onto the surface of preexisting physical objects, or inside/below the surface in some cases, can have significant benefits in terms of effectiveness and robustness.

Automotive & Aerospace

Printing is increasingly used in many applications, the talk will highlight the market developments with emphasis on the new opportunities across the automotive and transport system. Print is everywhere in cars, trucks, trains, ships and aerospace from dashboards, upholstery, windows, switches and dials– not including the durable labels also involved. It is a complex, fragmented supply chain where print expertise in highly necessary.

Technical Marking

Technical markings on audio, electrical, and household products must be resilient in the face of heat, exposure to chemicals and general wear and tear. IQDEMY’s equipment and special inks provide maximum resistance on various substrates.

Icons, scales, and other markings on electrical switches, nameplates, and dials are important sources of information and guidance. IQDEMY solutions for Technical Marking is ideal for these applications. It creates highly durable results, can be easily integrated into production lines, and is suitable for substrates such as ABS, polyamide, POM, varnished surfaces, and metals.