IQDEMY representative in Tbilisi!

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As is known, sign of business success is its expansion. The idea of office launching in another country seems enthusiastic. If plan is carried out, it will be possible to widen the activity sphere of the company, to entry new markets and to find investors. We have implemented such plan time to time again.


But at some point, growing company is confronted with the necessity of office opening in another country, because success business deal depends on a lot of reasons, including capacity of Chief representative. It is something to which we pay attention and we are quite certain about.


Zaza Kachibaia, our long-standing partner and distributor, became the Chief representative in Georgia. Zaza and IQDEMY has strong partnerships and even friendship which justified our expectations and helped business development.

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, Zaza can make business more beneficial in one of the most beautiful and colorful cities of Georgia – Tbilisi by becoming a IQDEMY representative. His skills and ability to monitor market situations, consult about service, attract clients and find investors for new technology projects – everything is cause for high expectations of office in Tbilisi.

We wish Zaza success and invite you to new Tbilisi representative.

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