Regional sales manager for Services and Consumables

We produce world-class printing equipment and develop the fastest control electronics for ink-jet. We have installed over 5000 units in more than 40 countries. Our clients are LG, MIT, Swatch Group and dozens of other major players in the market of industrial print.

More over we have our own production of inks and protective coatings, as well as the laboratory for R’n’D in digital ink-jet field, unique for Russia and Eastern Europe.

Work in our team means being ready for interesting and challenging tasks, business trips to the end of the world, initiating million-dollar deals with large ‘big fishes’, and representing IQDEMY at international exhibitions and conferences.

Your task is to sell consumables for ink-jet, technical maintenance services and spare parts for industrial printers. In addition, there is a task for searching for dealers and partners all over the world. It’s an interesting and challenge work.

Only autonomous, focused and initiative person ‘survives’ our rhythm. International market business requires responsibility, fast response and persistence. You have to operate a technically complex data, know all the products of the company highlighting advantages over competitors'.

Sales people are the ‘core’ of our company, so it is necessary to match the level of the world-business standards as the whole multibillion industrial printing market world is looking at you.


  1. Searching for and initiating business with new clients and partners in set regions –‘cold calls’ and mailing
  2. Processing requests from current customers and raising volumes
  3. Taking part in international exhibitions and conferences 
Workplace in Novosibirsk, Russia.

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