IQDEMY customized printing equipment

Since 2004 we have been producing reliable printing equipment for various production lines. More than 5000 printers have been installed already.

We develops custom embeddable and individual solution for industrial producers of customer goods for high-precision and fast printing.

Color scheme, type of inks and print heads, size of print table and also elements of additional automation and control systems are made according to individual requirements of client.

IQDEMY custom machines:

High-precision industrial printing system

News 6 IQJET NEO is a sophisticated engineering solution and customizable equipment. IQJET NEO printer is unique and is operated by the best engineers of IQDEMY and DPS Innovations companies.

You can guarantee flawless operation, high quality and technological advantage by implementing this kind of printing solution.




Watch industry

Automotive & Aerospace

Security & Brand Protection

Consumer Electronics & Instrument-Making

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