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Nowadays the stocks of traditional fuel are being drastically depleted, and humanity needs alternative sources of energy. From 2000 to 2030, the installed capacity is forecast to grow from 1 to 655 GW in photovoltaic electricity development. And great attention in solar energy development is paid to studying the characteristics of quantum dots.


The next development area in IQDEMY R&D that we will tell about and share some current researches is the increasing solar elements efficiency with quantum dots.

The elements of solar panels can absorb only certain wavelength and they can not process the whole sunlight spectrum, some of the solar radiation simply passes through them. The quantum dots uniqueness is that they can absorb the light in different range. One can “tune” them to absorb the light in defined spectrum by changing its size.

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In IQDEMY is under development the printing technology of light conversion coating with quantum dots, that will eliminate the need to use protective glasses neutralized the harm of UV radiation. In addition, it also increases the efficiency of solar panels: efficiency increasing by 10% relative units.


The second branch of technologies in increasing solar elements efficiency is the use of quantum dots directly in photosensitive elements and layers. This technology does not neutralize the harmfulness of solar panels UV elements, but it increases the efficiency by 25% relative units, which radically changes the efficiency and expands the Solar panels application.


At the moment leading chemists of the holding are in determining the quantum dots concentrations and the coating layer thickness to achieve maximize efficiency. To solve this task the solar panels have been received from our partners and experimental measurements of their efficiency at different parameters of quantum dots application are carried out. All developments are carried out in close official cooperation with the solar energy industry leaders, who are extremely interested in obtaining a new technology to increase the solar panels efficiency.

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