Scientific and technical property of Vladislav Mirchev. At the origins of technology.

The field of digital printing is increasing around the world by leaps and bounds. Today, scientific developments, patents and know-how in this area are the main factors without which progress is impossible.

Vladislav Mirchev, starting his own business, first of all set a course towards the development of the direction of creating new inventions. Individual customer projects require professionalism in several areas, including research. Thanks to the experience of IQDEMY team and having a nose for determining trends in the global market, Vladislav Mirchev has succeeded in implementing large projects, for example: various printing modules in highly specialized industries, inks and coatings with a unique composition, as well as control electronics and software.

Nowadays, IQDEMY Group is one of the leading company in this area, and our leader and inspirer, President Vladislav Mirchev is the patent holder of digital printing technologies as well.

Vladislav Mirchev (President of IQDEMY Group) and Vice President Olga Kondratieva have many meetings around the world and they always follow new trends and directions of digital printing in different countries as evidenced by the geography of patents: the Russian Federation, Japan, China, Europe.

There are several types of patents among registered by the president of the company: inventions, utility models, computer programs. All of them reflect the activities of IQDEMY as a whole.

One of the first patents was the invention «Method for curing a substance by UV-radiation, device for carrying out said method». The idea is that we were the first one who replaced harmful UV lamps with LED blocks for ink curing. Now the whole world uses this technology, but IQDEMY was the first company introduced this technology in practice.

IQDEMY Group has been continuously developing in various fields of printing for 20 years. About half of the patents are control electronics patents for excellent printing results.

Another part of inventions classifies as the chemical composition of ink: UV-curable ink and quantum dot ink for security printing.

Below is a list of patented projects, as well as know-how, owned by Vladislav Mirchev.

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