The display market is developing very quickly. Manufacturers increasingly prefer the following characteristics: quality, brightness, reduction in thickness, weight and cost of the display. The quality and color rendition of displays is still one of the main factors in choosing one or another device. And in this situation, the market of quantum technologies becomes very relevant. At the moment, no one of the well-known companies in the world have inkjet printing technology on films for displays with quantum dots. Inkjet development is a promising technology for the production of large displays used in TV, smartphones and digital cameras. Last week (December 5-7), the 28th International Exhibition of Manufacturing Technologies for Flat Panel Displays FINETECH 2018 took place at the exhibition center Makuhari Messe (Japan, Tokyo). At this exhibition, the possibilities of IQDEMY digital printing technology with Quantum Dots were demonstrated. The participants of the exhibition presented their equipment and technologies used in the fields of MEMS technology, touch panels and displays, as well as printed electronics.

FINETECH 218 exhibition hall

At the exhibition FINETECH, IQDEMY Holding demonstrated our developments of the project “Quantum Technologies. Displays". Furthermore, we also made a report on the latest achievements of the team in creating technology and equipment for digital high-precision printing with Quantum Dots.

IQDEMY booth at FINETECH 2018

As part of the exhibition, special attention was paid to the use of Quantum Dot technology in the LED display industry. For the first time, results were demonstrated in the direction of electroluminescent displays (model ELQD). This model is a promising technology, where Quantum dots emit light through the use of electric current, without using a backlight. Among visitors of the IQDemy booth aroused particular interest in the development of a black matrix for light filters, as well as the use of perovskite Quantum Dots in digital printing. Perovskite Quantum Dots retain maximum luminescence parameters and color purity thanks to the achievements of our scientists and the technology developed by us.

Compositions for printing and created polymers with perovskite Quantum Dots

A distinctive feature of R&D projects is that the product being developed is constantly being improved and with the passage of time the latest developments are introduced into it. Thus, in the case of perovskite Quantum Dots, IQDemy is ready to begin using the blue range of the Quantum Dots. This decision has caused serious interest among such big market players as FUJIFILM Dimatix, Japan Display, BenQ, Nicon and Huawei. In addition to R&D projects, the company's development in the production of inkjet printers, in particular, large-format industrial printers as the Maglev and Evo, the marking printer using Quantum Dots (VIGIJET), as well as the latest developments of the company for the flexible ink project aroused great interest.

VIGIJET, label printing + marker with Quantum dots

This exhibition was visited by more than 75,000 people, which brought a lot of new contacts and useful communication. The result of the exhibition is the invitation of IQDemy to the headquarters of SAMSUNG and FUJIFILM Dimatix, which indicates the beginning of a fruitful cooperation and exchange of experience of the companies.

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