IQDEMY at the Quantum Dots forum in the USA

Quantum technologies play and will have a significant role in the development and creation of new technologies.

IQDEMY Group has been working in this area for a long time. In particular, we actively develop and provide quantum dots for various industries.

At a recent forum in USA (It took place in San Diego, USA, March 19-21), that was addressed to Quantum Dots, brought together leading experts of quantum technologies and other global corporations who are interested in applying these technologies in their industry.

Among the expert speakers and forum participants were companies such as Osram, Quantum Solutions, NanoPhotonica, TCL, Samsung, Apple, TSL, Tokyo Electron, Nikon and many other companies.

IQDEMY Group, as an expert in the field of quantum technologies took part as a speaker. Oxana Astapova was the speaker from IQDEMY. She is the Director of Special R&D projects Development for Emerging Quantum Dots Technologies.

IQDEMY had a speech about different our quantum dot projects, for instance: Displays (QD Color Filter Inkjet Printing Technology), Security Printing Solutions (QD Coding, Transparent Inks), Agriculture (QD Greenhouse), Solar Panels (QD Optimization), Oil & Gas Exploration (QD trancing system).

Our performance made the tremendous impression upon the audience. Many persons met with our speaker, Oxana Astapova and with great interest asked her about current and future IQDEMY quantum dot projects. Many of the forum visitors expressed their preference for organizing joint cooperation and participation with IQDEMY projects.

In conclusion, we can say the forum was successful and productive for our company.

We are getting wider, more recognizable and more top companies and world experts know about us.

With this attitude, we continue to develop and create the best technologies that will stand out your business on the markets.

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