Welcome to our booth 11D10 at Label Expo Europe!

24-27 September 2019, Brussels Expo

At Labelexpo Europe 2019, view hundreds of live demonstrations of the latest innovations, examine the most advanced collection of label and package printing technologies and acquire what your business needs to succeed.

Explore the world’s largest label and package printing trade show!

IQDEMY Group will be demonstrating latest technologies for 4 days.

We present Vigijet-cost-effective solution standalone or integrated system.

The VIGIJET project, implemented on the basis of DPS Innovations company together with IQDEMY Holding , aims to take a significant position in the market of suppliers of technologies and equipment for digital single – pass printing for various applications. The project objective is to develop and offer the various industries of single – pass printing a comprehensive printing technology of a new level-including the use of the latest quantum technologies, scanning systems and augmented reality.

The use of customized modern industrial printing systems in conjunction with security printing technology – open up new opportunities for those markets that require special control of the goods or products (id cards, passports, banknotes, luxury products of limited edition, etc.) or particularly susceptible to counterfeiting and forgery.

The security labels using, in combination with a special scanning and recognition system, will greatly simplify the process of monitoring production, logistics, product sales for its manufacturer, as well as to protect customers from counterfeit due to the possibility to quickly and easily check the originality of products to obtain additional data on the product, etc.

Augmented reality is designed to increase customer loyalty through innovative technologies of the advertising and marketing messages, the product selection and customization (for example, the choice of appearance of the watch or engineering). In the compartment all these technologies are able to turn the single-pass printing market and raise it to a new level.


• Marking module

• For white media

• For colored & transparent media

• Extra color & security printing

INK Types:

• UV-inks CMYK +W+ Lights +SPOT colors

• Varnishes with Quantum Dots (UV and water based)

• Neon/Glow/Fluorescent ink

• Other types

Vigijet project is not the only solution that will be presented at the exhibition by our specialists. Various functional printing fluids for this project and not only.

For example, edible ink for direct printing on any surface and all kinds of colors!

DPS Innovations, which is part of the IQDEMY Group, will offer a reliable combination of control electronics and software, which can provide inkjet equipment manufacturers with a turn-key solution for multiple industrial applications. In addition to cutting edge control solutions for industrial printers, DPS produces UV LED units used for curing of ultraviolet inks and special coatings.

On the exhibition, DPS presented customized integrated printing solutions, and all visitor could find detailed information about all DPS advanced products.

Welcome to our stand 11D10 – we can find a solution for you!

Do not hesitate to contact us – our representative is glad to arrange a meeting:

Olga Gruzdeva

Mobile: +41 44 586 0125

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