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Vladislav Mirchev, Founder and President of IQDEMY Group


Largest franchise network of printing art-centers and 10 dealerships worldwide

Sold 5,000 units of equipment

Developed the best electronics for Ricoh GEN5

Implemented the technology magnetic levitation

Developed print technology with quantum dots

IQDEMY is an international holding with local business units in Paris. Hong-Kong, Dubai, New-York, Moscow, Novosibirsk. The headquarters is located in Sierre, Switzerland.

Since 1998 Holding has been targeting franchise market, digital printing market; has been producing control electronics and software for large format printing equipment and thermal power engineering. You can get more information about IQDEMY equipment and technologies at more than 100 worldwide exhibitions in a year.

At the moment, IQDEMY Company is numbering more than 150 of top-ranked design engineers, technical specialists, project managers, who are engaged in the science-based R&D.

IQDEMY holding company has two R&D departments in Switzerland and Russia, Sales departments and Service centers in New York, Paris, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Dubai, Sochi.

This is the most productive period of IQDEMY development:

Manufacturing site starting in Novosibirsk. European-quality printers are made on the development facilities in Siberia, which has experience in engineering design in the aerospace and defense industry for over 40 years. There are two own production sites for the assembly of models EVO and IQJET, and also own chemical production.

IQDEMY Chemicals Laboratory was opened in early 2016. The key area of IQDEMY Chemicals activity is R&D project development.

Based on our RND projects and for their development, two legal companies in Switzerland were opened (except Russian ones) in 2017: IQDEMY QUANTUM TECHNOLOGY SA and IQDEMY BIOPRINTING SA.

In 2012, the Company presented a new large-format printer - IQDEMY Maglev, first in the world that uses magnetic levitation technology.

DPS Innovations released a solution for the Ricoh GEN4 and GEN5 print heads, began to develop a system of automation and control electronics for MINI CHP.

Together with R&D partners from the Siberian Academy of Sciences, the company started the production of innovative, environmentally friendly and highly efficient MINI CHP with power of 3 to 50 MW on the purified and enriched coal fuel.

The company started cooperation with leading institutions of thermal physics and thermodynamics SB RAS in the development of new technologies for the energy industry.

DPS Innovations subsidiary company was founded. It started to create the speediest electronics in the world for digital print heads Ricoh, Konica-Minolta, DIMATIX (FUJI-FILM), XAAR and others. Only thanks to the new electronics, the printing speed doubled even with the same number of print heads.

In 2007, at FESPA 2007 exhibition in Berlin, the company introduced two industrial printers with UV LED curing system and its own UV LED inks. UV-LED ink curing method was patented on the territory of Russia, Europe, Japan and China.

In 2009, the first 100 printers of our own production were sold out. That year the company opened first art center of the future SUN Studio franchise network.

In 2003, the company decided to set up a department of industrial engineering and development.

In April 2006, the company presented the world's first working prototype of the printer with UV LED curing system and special UV LED ink.

Simultaneously, IQDEMY team was expanding its presence on the market of large format printing and began construction of its own chemical plant to produce inks.

In 2001, Vladislav Mirchev started to deal with the large-format printing equipment and came into the market as a representative of the brand Infinity - in 15 years of this business development, IQDEMY team has achieved stunning success offering the best equipment for UV-printing up to now.

Printing market progress leads to the need to develop the service and product quality. Therefore, in 2001, the company organizes an international service center for the milling equipment and digital printers’ maintenance. More than 50 service technicians serving customers in different countries.

Company’s foundation in March 1, 1998 by Vladislav Mirchev, now president of the IQDEMY Group company. The company started dealing with advertising materials and in 2000 entered the partnership with the largest consumables manufacturer from China.



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