Indoor & Outdoor UV decoration printing

As the development of UV digital printing technology and the promotion of requirement for decoration, the customization has become more and more popular, which is design for the customer according to their preference in the house type, material, size, and then put into production, and installation, including the wallpaper, wall paintings, decoration paintings, hallway, suspend ceiling, ceramic backdrop, tree-wood flower, tree-wood imitation floor, melamine sliding door, colorful artist glass, and so on.

One of the core types of services for SUN Studio is putting images on pieces of furniture or interior, which provides the client. Hybrid or flatbed equipment can print directly on the door, glass partition, kitchen backsplash, or other furniture.

There can be used plenty kinds of media, for example heavy stones and ceramic items. Special printing technology can allow printing images on of ceramic tiles for bathroom, which is resistant to physical effect for many years. Granite marble slabs, used for floor coating, can also be used as printing material.

- Automotive &Aerospace

- Advertising & Event-Marketing

- Accessories & Clothes

- Glow&fluorescent printing

industrial UV printing solutions

At the moment we have solutions for most difficult printing tasks on various materials.

Many companies around the world using our UV industrial printers and today we are expanding our dealership network and looking for new partners.

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