Our industry-leading technologies have helped organizations across the world increase their productivity since 2006. Being a global company, we are tailoring to a variety of markets and providing bespoke support. Since 1998 we have never stopped improving the way we work, ensuring our customers get the best possible printing products and services.

Screen printing


Screen printing is a printing technique whereby a mesh is used to transfer ink onto a substrate, except in areas made impermeable to the ink by a blocking stencil.

During technology evolution screen printing acquired automated printing systems, as semi-automated classic printing methods. We offer highly developed screen printing systems for industrial and graphic applications, with a wide range of options and taking into account materials for printing and thickness of the material. Modern printing technology with continuous developments allows to reach the highest quality of printing and productivity.

Anodized aluminum decorative printing

IQDEMY engineers invented a production line that allows you to create durable, full-color images on anodized aluminum. The main feature of aluminum is extreme resistance to mechanical damage due to an anodic layer on a surface of material. To make an image on aluminum, we place this image inside - between aluminum and anodic layer. We also use specially designed inks.

Anodized aluminum can be used in various industries as a decorative element (car interiors decoration, cellular phones production), and for marking and navigational purposes (aircraft, cars dashboards, road signs, sign boards).

- Indoor & Outdoor decoration

- Automotive & Aerospace

- Consumer Electronics & Instrument-Making

Glow&fluorescent printing

Traditionally for “neon” printing are used fluorescent colorants-based lacquers - such formulations have weak color saturation and its color is lost when printing thin lines or small elements, or synthetic pigments-based inks, created by shredding of polymers painted with fluorescent colorants - they are not suitable for digital InkJet and other precision types of printing.

IQDEMY created the technology of mixing fluorescent colorants and base CMYK system pigments, this provides to get really high-quality, strong and bright color tones, “neon” colors and new opportunities for printing industry. Due to the created technology IQDEMY do not limit with two or three colors and can vary different tones.

IQDEMY Chemicals laboratory can integrate this technology into any printing formulation. Suitable for digital InkJet and other precision printing, including security.

3D printing technology

Today the 3D-technologies are actively used in different areas, from science to medicine. Requirements for 3D-printing equipment are instantly increasing and it is important to provide high accuracy of printing process, possible use of different materials and fast automate processes.

Equipment developed by DPS Innovations within IQDEMY holding – IQJet – is a unique industrial 3D-printer, that combines the precision accuracy of printing and advanced opportunities of electronics and automation. The color scheme, the type of ink and print heads, the size of the printed field, as well as elements of additional automation and control systems are implemented based on the individual customer requirements.

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Printing on Laminate

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High-quality ultraviolet printing on wood, plywood or chipboard is considered one of the most innovative technologies. UV printing on wood has a very wide field of application and one of such promising directions is printing on a laminate. IQDEMY company offers special primers for printing on laminate, and modern equipment helps to get a picture with high resolution and high color rendering.

- Glow&fluorescent printing

Edible ink printing

The food industry is a manufacturing sector that is built on a solid foundation of a raw material base. The wealth and volume of the raw material base is provided by agriculture, but the development in the food industry takes place exclusively due to the introduction of innovative technologies.

Today, the possibility of branding and personalizing food products is becoming topical among manufacturers. And if earlier it was a question of packaging goods, now we are talking about the product itself.

IQDEMY Company, based on its own R&D center, had an idea of a project for the production of food inks for printing both on special transfer substrates, and directly on ready-to-use products.


    A few years ago food inks appeared for printing on transfer materials, such as sugar and wafer papers. This sort of printing equipment is a small desktop printer which does not look different from the average office printer. A transfer is loaded into the printer and a print is applied to it, then it is fixed on the product. Basically, this is some kind of confectionery with a flat surface.

    Such printing has a big disadvantage, it is not universal.

    The working area of the printer has some limits in the size of the required print. The maximum possible print format is A3.The equipment like this will cope well with its task in private households. However, for the industrial volumes, completely different technologies are needed. Everything, from the dimensions of the working area and printing speed to the method of supplying the material, must meet the tasks of a particular production.

    Therefore, IQDEMY, taking on the development of its own food ink, set the task of developing not only ink, but also the technology of food ink printing for large-scale food production.

    For today, this project is being actively developed on the basis of the R&D center as well as with the direct participation of leading chemists at the Chemicals research laboratory of IQDEMY .The result of the first stages of the task was food ink of two types:

    • For a major customer from the world food industry, food inks have been developed on the ground of natural dyes, which meet all the necessary requirements and standards. Natural dyes are found in plant and animal sources. The raw materials for their production can be berries, flowers, leaves, root crops, etc. And what is more, R&D lab experts offer all kinds of color shades, so this ink is just a godsend for opponents of synthetic additives.
    • Synthetic dyes, in comparison with natural dyes, give much brighter and more saturated colors, which allow you to print images with a photographic quality. Such inks are less sensitive to the conditions of technological processing and storage, do not contain flavoring substances and do not have biological activity. The first successful synthetic dye ink tests have already passed at IQDEMY Chemicals Laboratory.

    The received printing compositions have already been tested as a part of the development of specialized printing equipment for this technology.

    Click here to learn more about IQDEMY food ink.

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    On the scale of already established production, the introduction of new equipment entails a number of difficulties:

    • As usual ,it is necessary to solve problems with the search and arrangement of the necessary space during the installation of new equipment;
    • It is imperative to carry out a set of measures to train employees how to work on a new device;
    • If the equipment is designed to perform new functions for the enterprise, an update of the operation scheme of the entire production line is required.

    Taking this and many other possible problems into account, IQDEMY developers have designed solutions that allow to introduce new technology, minimizing all organizational difficulties. IQDEMY food ink printing technology offers:

    A printing module (expandable to any print format and size by adding printheads) can be integrated into any production line, as well as function as a separate independent printing center. In the context of large-scale food production speed, productivity of such equipment and ease of its management are always important. Such module should not be an inert closed system.

    The capabilities of IQDEMY are almost unlimited to change the structural parts of the module, combine it with any conveyor, and install it in any line. This is the versatility of the module. Control electronics from DPS allows you to expand the size of the print field to immense sizes by adding a number of printheads and skillfully manage even hundreds of printheads.

    Combining the capabilities of design modifications and the functionality of control electronics and software, such module, working in SinglePass mode (or, if necessary, in MultiPass), can produce printing speeds comparable to the speeds of conventional food conveyors, and often even exceeding them. The performance of this combination of the module, control electronics and software corresponds to large industrial lines.

    IQDEMY printing technology allows you to apply the image on the surface of almost any shape, lifting the carriage of the printing module to a height of 100mm. This further expands the scope and application of the module in the production of various products at the same time.

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    In summary, IQDEMY food ink printing technology will help to introduce an innovative printing technology directly on the ready-to-use product into an existing production and not allow the manufacturer to incur serious costs for the reconstruction of the production.

    The first stages and approbations of the project are completed - follow the details of the development of the new technology in our social networks such as: Vkontakte, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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Glass&Ceramic Printing

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UV-printing on glass allows to create aesthetically diverse products: classical stained-glass windows, geometric abstractions in high-tech style, intricate ornaments of rococo and baroque, reproduce exclusive textures or transfer to the glass family photos and favorite images.

The IQDEMY range includes all necessary equipment and consumables for glass & ceramic printing: a large-format machine for printing on glass with special ink, followed by baking, capable of withstanding sheets of glass weighing up to 600 kg; vacuum clamping system, that minimize the risk of damage to the material during printing; UV-ink with bright pigments increased light fastness. The stability of the image surface to external influences is especially important for printing on glass sheets for window glazing, exterior design and interior printing, located in kitchens and bathrooms.

Printing on curved surfaces

ARMJET: Innovative technology and equipment for printing on curved surfaces. The world's first inkjet printing technique without restrictions.


  First step: Make technical task with all your requirements.
  We develop equipment specially for your detail.
  Next step: Develop functional printing fluids compliant with equipment and for your solutions.
  We produce equipment, printing fluids for you.


News 6
Your ARMJET will be specially develop for your detail
ARMJET can print on any details with any shapes, dimensions - no matter small or big, uneven surface.

Surfaces with printed images abrasion and wash resistant.

Printed images are light resistant and retain color for a long time.

News 6






News 6    OUTSIDE AND INSIDE PRINTING Moving arm or Fixed portal






Istrument industry

Home appliances

DEEP CARBON BLACK - make unique design!

BLACK will stay BLACK even in bright light

Printed composition with CARBON nanotubes

The LOWEST reflection coefficient



Precise printed imagе

Minimize defects and errors

Integrability in your production line

Lower production costs

Easy to use without huge staff

You can find more information about printing on curved surfaces in the following PDF file:

Our experts will help you choose the best for you or develop a customized printing system for your production. Just leave a request:

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Wall Paper Printing

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Over decades, wallpaper is considered the most popular finishing material for living spaces. Printing on roll materials from the IQDEMY company allows to realize all dreams of an ideal interior. High quality printing and the correct color transfer is achieved by Swiss equipment, Japanese printheads and the presence of additional colors that extend the maximum color coverage, as well as a printing system on roll materials up to 2.5 m. Modern technology allows you to apply an image to almost any material, even embossed. A special paint applied with a special printer is very durable and easy to clean. Quality print on wallpaper to order retains its original appearance for 10-15 years.

Single pass label printing

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IQDEMY offers systems for fast label printing and for other types of marking. Printers are equipped with conveyor feed and can print any image in one pass operation. The equipment is individual and depend up printing width, productivity, material type and post-print processing.

Single-pass printing systems can be designed both for the packaging market and for specific aims, such as printing on plastic, printing on aluminum phone cases, souvenirs printing, books or magazines printing.

- Automotive & Aerospace

- Security & Brand Protection

- Advertising & Event-Marketing

- Consumer Electronics & Instrument-Making

- Technical Marking

- Biomedical & Pharmaceuticals

- Accessories & Clothes

- Glow&fluorescent printing

Security & Brand Protection

Security printing offers dependable protection for all documents, products and packaging against counterfeiting and manipulation. We are currently developing and producing security inks for identification documents (e.g., passports and ID cards), banknotes, bank cheques, ballot papers, tickets, packaging and identification markings for OEM components.

Quantum dots security technologies

Quantum dots inks will protect your product against falsification of: unique and luxury goods, securities, banknotes, plastic cards can be marked with quantum dots ink. Quantum dots inks are UV-curable, that allows its applying to almost any surface, such as glass, plastic, stone, metal, film.

Quantum dots inks marking is not visible in general conditions. It won’t lose its brightness and saturation, due to the quantum dots stability, and can be eliminated only with the product.

- Security & Brand Protection

- Accessories & Clothes

Printing of matrix for cell culture

Since 2016 the IQDMEY Holding has been starting bioprinting researches developments for burn centers, for institutes that specialize in skin diseases.

IQDEMY designs special equipment, which can create cellular matrix quickly to recover damaged skin areas. Moreover, IQDEMY is working now at 3D bone tissue printing technology developing for prostheses creation.

- Medical & Pharmaceuticals

Textile printing

Digital inkjet technology from IQDEMY provides the solution to the current challenges faced by the textile industry: increased flexibility, greater productivity, higher efficiency, better print quality, more designs, more colors and a greater margin as a result. At the same time, IQDEMY inkjet technology reduces production costs, production time, the amount of energy required and the burden on the environment.

- Indoor & Outdoor decoration

- Automotive &Aerospace

- Advertising & Event-Marketing

- Accessories & Clothes

Advertising & Sign Printing

Printing of marketing materials is the perfect way to grab attention for events and promotions, that’s why printing is the most necessary part of advertising. Vinyl banners are a key product for advertising your events and promotions. We offer a variety of equipment units, consumables, such as inks, primers, special coatings and so on.

- Glow&fluorescent printing

Indoor & Outdoor UV decoration printing

As the development of UV digital printing technology and the promotion of requirement for decoration, the customization has become more and more popular, which is design for the customer according to their preference in the house type, material, size, and then put into production, and installation, including the wallpaper, wall paintings, decoration paintings, hallway, suspend ceiling, ceramic backdrop, tree-wood flower, tree-wood imitation floor, melamine sliding door, colorful artist glass, and so on.

One of the core types of services for SUN Studio is putting images on pieces of furniture or interior, which provides the client. Hybrid or flatbed equipment can print directly on the door, glass partition, kitchen backsplash, or other furniture.

There can be used plenty kinds of media, for example heavy stones and ceramic items. Special printing technology can allow printing images on of ceramic tiles for bathroom, which is resistant to physical effect for many years. Granite marble slabs, used for floor coating, can also be used as printing material.

- Automotive &Aerospace

- Advertising & Event-Marketing

- Accessories & Clothes

- Glow&fluorescent printing