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SUN Studio Franchise

SUN Studio - is the most profitable printing franchise according to Forbes 2014!

Open a new business on the basis of SUN Studio franchise in any other place in the world! We offer reliable investment in imported equipment for the providing of demanded interior printing services on any materials.
SUN Studio is a brand, recognized in 25 countries, by it’s first-class business and marketing support, audit and consulting of your future business.

We work for the success of each franchisee!

  • Initial investment - from 100 000 $
  • 70% of capital investments in high-tech equipment
  • Training, marketing support and more than 20 other free services
  • Quality business planning

Experience in the sphere of franchising is 7 years

A professional market analysis before starting activity

Permanent marketing and technical support

Business insurance program

Protection of investment outlay into equipment

SUN Studio activity is based on the provision of printing services on special equipment. The peculiarity of the technology and the printer itself is the fact that it allows printing images on almost all materials, mainly for interior decoration of houses and offices. Some art centers of our network successfully work with the building facades, printing on glass or aluminum.

Art center SUN Studio offers total solution to the customer's interior. Our own designer can develop a project for the transformation of the house or office interior.

Each studio is an office, where we are working with our customers, and a production department, where our employees work directly with the materials. SUN Studio is primarily a manufacturing business, which does not offer the acquisition of the finished products; our each project is unique.

As a franchisor, we support each studio all the time, not only during the formation period, but also during the period of active work. In addition to the training courses of printing, management, approaches of customer capture, art center receives a great number of catalogs of images, practical instructions for these or those design solutions.

The differentiated approach to the possibilities of SUN Studio allows working on different markets in not only b2c sector but also b2b. It allows businesses to remain its profitability even in terms of crisis and changes of demand structure.

We work for the success of each franchisee!

  • Initial investment - from 65 000 $
  • 70% of capital investments in high-tech imported equipment
  • Training, marketing support and more than 20 other free services
  • Quality business planning

How Does It Works

The business is based on the technology of direct ink jet printing, using UV curing ink systems. In fact, this is a big printer capable of printing on any materials weighing up to 600kg and size to 2.0 x 3.0 meters. The equipment is very easy to use, but requires careful and regular maintenance.

Using unique methods for applying images on different types of materials, opens opportunities for entering markets of building materials, finishing materials, home and office decoration. For souvenir market it can be produced both as a product of mass consumption, and unique works of art.

However, SUN Studio is always suitable for outdoor advertising and printing industry – the market, which is steadily growing.

Sun Studio may simultaneously work in three areas: printing on the client materials, production of ready-made goods and the provision of design services.

To work on all of these markets, you need only one type of equipment!



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