IQDEMY printing biotechnologies – a promising high-tech biomedical project, in terms of which are being developed technologies and equipment for printing matrixes, biochemical tissues and organs with living cells, proteins and bacteria, as well as synthetic components for the further use in medicine.

IQDEMY BIOPRINTING will produce the complexes of the bioprinting equipment and cultivate to order tissues and skin for departments of research and development of the pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies, burn centers and research organizations. If to speak specifically, activity of the IQDEMY BIOPRINTING is directed to the preclinical researches by developing of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics in vitro: optimization of the choice of potential applicant medicines, researches of the range and safety/toxicology in vitro and also carrying out dermatological tests in Vivo and further skin transplantation.

IQDEMY'S current projects in the sphere of biotechnology:

Development of the sets for diagnostics

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There is a goal to create set of instrument for diagnosis genetically modified products. This method is based on the chain of oligonucleotides synthesized by us which is conjugated with quantum dots and which will further interact with corresponding nucleotide sequence of genetically modified product so it will be created the library of genetically modified products with their DNA signs which makes possible to determine whether the studied products contain genetically modified organisms.

3D bioprinting of the eye cornea/ skin

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We are working on the testing of the developed UV-LED inks based on the gelatin methacrylate (GelMA) and other photocross-linkable materials, also matrixes were printed with our own prototype of bioprinter and they were sowed with the rats fibroblasts. Our R&D team is working now on the testing of bio inks and building up the height of the printed scaffolds and follow-up study of the survival of cells.

Development of the markers with quantum dots

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1) Work are being carried out now on the creation of the set: conjugate "Quantum dots + streptavidin". The Institute of Molecular and Cellular Biology (IMCB SB RAS) gives us streptavidin for primary development of the Quantum dots and streptadivin conjugate

2) At the same time is being conducted the research on the base of IMCB SB RAS and State Scientific Center Vector aimed at the creation of conjugates with quantum dots and monoclonal/ second antibodies for development of ELISA-test systems.


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Quantum dots allow to reduce considerably the speed of the instant diagnosis. The main objective is to increase sensitivity and specificity to the infectious agent. During the co-developing with the State Scientific Center Vector - rapid tests for screening -one of the widespread diseases are: flu virus, tick-borne encephalitis, causative agent of the diseases, sexually transmitted (STIs), or virus of hepatitis B or C.