The display market is developing very quickly. Manufacturers increasingly prefer the following characteristics: quality, brightness, reduction in thickness, weight and cost of the display. The quality and color rendition of displays is still one of the main factors in choosing one or another device. And in this situation, the market of quantum technologies becomes very relevant. At the moment, no one of the well-known companies in the world have inkjet printing technology on films for displays with quantum dots. Inkjet development is a promising technology for the production of large displays used in TV, smartphones and digital cameras. Last week (December 5-7), the 28th International Exhibition of Manufacturing Technologies for Flat Panel Displays FINETECH 2018 took place at the exhibition center Makuhari Messe (Japan, Tokyo). At this exhibition, the possibilities of IQDEMY digital printing technology with Quantum Dots were demonstrated. The participants of the exhibition presented their equipment and technologies used in the fields of MEMS technology, touch panels and displays, as well as printed electronics.

FINETECH 218 exhibition hall

Eventful november of IQDEMY

November is up, and it means that IQDEMY Holding has conducted one more effective month on the fields of international exhibitions, conferences and other events, which you will learn about in the brief report:


IQDEMY together with Sergey Nikolaevich Kulkov, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor of Tomsk State University and Institute of Strength Physics and Materials Science of the Tomsk Scientific Center of the SB RAS, created a project to develop technology and devices for printing ceramic structures of variable density that follow the structure of human bone for personal implantation. In the course of this project, materials, technology and a device for printing bone bioimplants with high biocompatibility will be developed, taking into account individual anatomical features.


IQDEMY holding together with a subsidiary of DPS Innovations open up a unique and promising IQJET & ELECTRONICS project for investments and are ready to consider proposals for participation and support of the project from stakeholders and potential partners.

Biosynthesizer: printing a new world

In the last article we told about the possibility of using digital inkjet printing technology in the field of bioprinting, and also announced the start of our fantastic R&D project - printing of DNA genomes.In cooperation with leading world science organizations and institutes of worldwide famous SB RAS in Russian Akademgorodok we start the work for modernization and customization of the digital inkjet printing technology for DNA genome synthesis.

High tech. Start investing in Bioprinting.

IQDEMY holding provides opportunities for investments and partnership in a unique and promising project
«3D- bioprinting of human and animal organs and tissues for fighting against tumoral diseases, injuries and diseases leading to disability».


Ambitious investment project “Quantum technologies” of IQDEMY holding is open for investments and prepared to consider proposals
on project participation and support from persons concerned and potential investors and partners.