Something that only recently seemed fiction become real – in recent decades 3D-technologies have entered in almost all areas of society. Technologies of creating volume objects are actively used in different areas, from science to medicine. Requirements for 3D-printing equipment are instantly increasing and it is important to provide high accuracy of printing process, possible use of different materials and fast automate processes.

Course for sun. IQDEMY for energy

Nowadays the stocks of traditional fuel are being drastically depleted, and humanity needs alternative sources of energy. From 2000 to 2030, the installed capacity is forecast to grow from 1 to 655 GW in photovoltaic electricity development. And great attention in solar energy development is paid to studying the characteristics of quantum dots.


The next development area in IQDEMY R&D that we will tell about and share some current researches is the increasing solar elements efficiency with quantum dots.

Blue and red for Green. IQDEMY in agro-industry.

We continue to introduce you with non-standard R&D solutions on quantum dots market. For which the groundwork already has some first results.

Innovations have not spared agriculture and help to take new heights in yield. They are one of the factors that form modern face for not only the agriculture area, but for the whole agribusiness. In IQDEMY are sure that quantum dots can make an important difference to develop the entire industry.


Panacea for Display world. Even thinner, even brighter

We have prepared for you several new interesting R&D solutions on quantum dots market, at first they will seem fantastic, but our team already has obtained early qualitative results!

Display market is developing very quickly, the manufacturers increasingly prefer quality, brightness, reduction of thickness, weight and cost of displays. For example, screen evolution in mobile devices was demonstrated ideally by the simple pattern: the proportion of screen area and area of entire frontal panel of device is increasing each year. The buttons were gone first, they were replaced by virtual keyboard. The quality and color reproduction of displays still stay one of the major factors for choosing one or another device. And here the quantum dots market goes on to help.

display 1

The choice of IQDEMY decisions. Quantum dots and polymers

A new season of original solutions in IQDEMY!
We continue to put before ourselves the innovation challenges and are trying to solve them first in the quantum dots market!

One of the technologies, in which we already have reached good results is creation of powder inks with quantum dots for laser printing. We have fulfilled the condition for creation of homogeneous powder polymer with particles no more than 5 Microns for laser printing.

perovskite film 1

Print DNA with all Bill Gates money!

Have you ever thought about extending youthspan? Do you ever want to get the anti-ageing gene and to stay forever young?

Founder of Microsoft has already thought about it for you. Bill Gates again topped the rating of the most generous businessman of the planet. In 2017 he donated $ 4,8 billion for charity. All of the money went to medical research.

The trick is that the results of it will become the property of his 21 years old daughter Jennifer Katharine Gates. She’s called the example of charm and modesty, but in the nearest future exactly she will decide who will live and who will die.



IQDEMY Chemicals laboratory is continuously working on the development of new products for printing industry. Our chemists are testing different compositions to present effective solutions for your industry. And now we are ready to show you a new product – silver based conductive ink.
Conductive compositions are widely used on electronics market and silver based conductive ink is breakthrough for professionals.

CSI pic01

Sad news about Dr. Jules Farkas

It is with deep sadness that we announce passing away of our dear friend, partner and independent member of the board of directors – Dr. Jules Farkas. Dr. Farkas was killed in a tragic car accident, when he was returning back home from a business trip. He received severe head injuries from which he could not recover. We will greatly miss his cheerful attitude and unlimited energy with which he approached everything that he came across on his path of life. 

Quantastic histories

We continue to talk about quantum dots and their application from various sides and publish it in different sources, because we ourselves are interested! Every day we learn about them something new and open up new opportunities in areas where they can be introduced to solve technological problems and for innovative discoveries!

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