IQDEMY on APPPExpo 2018: eastern development

Another high-profile event in the life of IQDEMY Holding was the international exhibition of new advertising and printing tools and solutions APPPExpo: Shanghai International Four New & Sign Technology & Equipment Exhibition 2018. It took place from March 28th to 31st at National Exhibition & Convention Center in Shanghai, China. The event attracted more than 180 thousand visitors and 2000 exhibitors from 100 countries. IQDEMY was represented by a delegation of 8 people and an exhibition stand, which covered all areas of the company's work.

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Skin printing. On the air of the channel “Russia1” came out a story about the first bio-printer prototype.

The first prototype of bioprinter is already created and experiments in live cell membrane printing are carried out in IQDEMY laboratory.

People all over the world are working on creation of the 3D-bioprinting technology. This development is the team work of chemists from IQDEMY (Novosibirsk) and their colleagues from Khabarovsk. Far Eastern companies together with Amur Medical Academy are creating the biological inks based on the living cells. Due to the adding of inks, the chemists expect to overcome the main issue which other developers of such technologies face.

New member – new prospects! Welcome, DR. Jules Farkas!

In the long-term perspective of the holding's development is very important to have a systematic self-perfection and expansion of the top management with partners, that are proven to be reliable.

Dr. Jules P. Farkas became a new independent Member of the Board of Directors of the IQDEMY holding.

VigiJet - a new player in the security printing market

The 2017 year has been a period of the important new projects, cooperating and developments.

A milestone project had been launched by the fact that six companies had joined together to reach a common goal of creating a single-pass printing solution for label printing market: IQDEMY SA, DPS Innovations, Mantel Digital AG, Matti Group, Caldera, Vigitek.

IQDEMY representative in Tbilisi!

As is known, sign of business success is its expansion. The idea of office launching in another country seems enthusiastic. If plan is carried out, it will be possible to widen the activity sphere of the company, to entry new markets and to find investors. We have implemented such plan time to time again.


Quantum Dot Inks: on guard of secure documents.

The statistics of recent years shows that fraudsters find new and new ways of forging important documents and product. The losses caused in 2015 to the global financial system amounted about 39 million euros. And the global counterfeits market amounted $1.5 trillion. This is the money lost by the original manufacturers of all kinds of industries – from pharmaceuticals to fashion industry.