Business visit to one of the most technologically advanced cities in the world

IQDEMY delegation visited Shenzhen Textalk Graphic Technology Co., Ltd which is high-tech enterprise specializing in developing, manufacturing and selling digital printing machines.

Shenzhen city in Guandong Province, China It is one of the most dynamic cities of China, fourth among the most competitive cities in the country, the largest among Chinese cities for the volume of exports. This major financial and manufacturing center in southern China, serve as a gateway for attracting investment and new technologies.

A new IQDEMY investment in unusual project – The Fandome.

The one of the main goals of IQDEMY SA is development of effective strategies on entering new markets and implementation company resources in prospective areas. Company is required to explore new markets and define implementation tactics to investments produce result.

Formulating tactics and search weak points is helping to prepare properly for a serious decision. Complex analyses were conducted, factors, which could influence on company operation, were defined and according to this, decision was made to invest in unusual project for IQDEMY – The Fandome.